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sound studio final project plan

Plan for my final project

I wanna learn

  • networking between at least two computers – real time music composition
  • with interactive visuals
  • Use software such as Max/MSP or ChucK or Tidal Waves
  • I would also like to use my midi keyboard to create something poetic or use random objects as my controller for certain music composition

Some inspos are below:

gesture control visuals and music using gyroscope wrist bands

Some books to read:

More inspiration:

Field recording everywhere. I can create a unified project building my own database with samples of the recordings or just use the api to get the music and play it real time with random videos found online that analyzes people’s walk?

flow would be

  • image recognition of faces in the video in one place [ or it could just be nature related stuff or weather related] – [or could be the position of the sun – API]
  • triggers the music clip and base from a specific location
  • chop the recording up in Max/MSP and add some effects
  • A story told by the world – sun and us.

But I need to think of the story behind my project.

feedbacks from class

  1. JUCE – make the design cross platforms
  2. VR potential – Synth VR
  3. rtcmix in unity – uRTCmix – version to run it into unity


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