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ICM – Final project – Week14

I worked with API for this week. I tried to get images from Google API and sound files from YouTube API. However, I didn’t have enough time and the interface of Google is quite confusing. I went to two office hours with Alden and Jiyao and didn’t succeed. I spent more time in the PCompContinue reading “ICM – Final project – Week14”

Authentic or Not – Pcomp – Final – Week 14

Things we accomplished: Since Shannel is gone this week for the wedding. I worked on coding on both p5 and Arduino and troubleshooted some sensor problems. She did help create designs for recipes and ingredients when she is away. The playtesting from last week was quite helpful. Here is things we decided to change: ChangedContinue reading “Authentic or Not – Pcomp – Final – Week 14”

Animation Final – Week6

With what we learned from class and Gabe’s tutorial videos, I created a dance floor with three characters from Mixamo using Unity, Vuforia Engine. Three characters: One difficulty I encounter is the 3d model file of the toilet. I tried to use other 3d files of bathroom, coca cola bottle, and more. However, those filesContinue reading “Animation Final – Week6”

Fusion or Not – update – Pcomp Week13

Things we have finished last week: Fabrication Arduino code and the circuit P5 sketch code – A bit of fine tuning needed to be done. Process to do projection but haven’t implemented yet. Fabrication We spent most of the time in fabrication. I originally wanted to make a box out of plywood using wood glue,Continue reading “Fusion or Not – update – Pcomp Week13”

Happy Scent – Animation Project – Week5

Through last week’s feedback, we adjusted a lot in terms of Niya’s expressions, scales and perspectives of the set and Niya. We also added several scenes to make the ending more positive rather than sad. Presentation Final video here. For this week, I did: rescaled the hospital and Niya to make sure it fits theContinue reading “Happy Scent – Animation Project – Week5”

ICM – Speech to Text and Color – Week13

Presentation Here is the video of the draft. Play here Code here Problems Save frame When saveFrame is called in draw, it crashes the sketch. And when I used the game phase to limit when the saveFrame is called, it still repeats when I call the function in draw. But it only calls once whenContinue reading “ICM – Speech to Text and Color – Week13”