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Intangible Interaction – Week 4 – Curious Box

Assignment Keep working on Curious Cube (Project #2): modify the design based on feedback if needed and work on the implementation. Concept – Concise People who are close to us hurt us the deepest. We carry the scar with us and build the wall for the next one. I wanted to create a cage forContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Week 4 – Curious Box”

Music Interaction Design – week 4

I went to Zerospace a couple of weeks ago and was quite inspired by the powerfulness of the threads hanging from the ceiling. I want to have four sections of the threads grouped together. Each section would determine different elements of the music: pitch/frequency tempo delay accent I want to incorporate sensors in my projectContinue reading “Music Interaction Design – week 4”

Music Making – Session 3

Learning lots from Ableton. I finished learning the Ableton Live! I am so excited! I learned you can create your own wavetable with your audio recordings in Ableton! Mind-blowing! Automation and modulation are insane! They are what I want since I feel like I need some changes/variations in my music! I am learning Synths. FromContinue reading “Music Making – Session 3”

Music Making – Self-Studies – Sessions 1 & 2

I have been playing piano since 5 and had always improvised in terms of composing. However, I did not get professional music theory training and I would love to be a better composer. So over the weekend, I learned how to use Ableton Live professionally through Ableton’s learning website. I followed the tutorials until PelogContinue reading “Music Making – Self-Studies – Sessions 1 & 2”

Intangible Interaction – Week 3

In the curious cube assignment, I want to do either emotional related cube or a music instrument using the box. I have some concepts about inner feelings, social response towards greetings, and personal space. I would love to try new sensors and boards. I would love to try Teensy boards as well as Bluetooth moduleContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Week 3”

Happily Poop System – II – Week 2

Assignment: Come up with and make a working prototype of a whimsical interaction for any parts of the bathroom (or the chosen space) based on your observations on interactions. Your design/system can be totally useless. Concept Rae and I received Break Beam Sensor and VL53L0X Time of Flight Sensor: VL53L0X for this project. We wanted toContinue reading “Happily Poop System – II – Week 2”

Music Interaction Design – Week2

Assignments 1. Install Ableton Live Suite, familiarize yourself with it. 2. Put together an aural mood board for your prompt. Submit it here. 3. Refine your prompt. Who is it for? Are you a part of this group of people? Do you know people who are, and who could help you test your project? 4. MockContinue reading “Music Interaction Design – Week2”