ITP Courses


Highlights of my projects in ITP.

Music Making

The making of my music that you can listen to on SoundCloud

Creative Cooking

My meditation and creative outlet.

AR Instagram Filter

This is a self-study session where I create filters through SparkAR Studio.

Escape Room

Upcoming class to build an escape room as a final project.

Dynamic Web Development

I am learning to build a website using Html,CSS, Javascript and more.

Product Design

Learning the complete and systematic design process.

Video Sculpture

I am studying how to create conceptual piece using AR, videos, photography, and more.

Music Interaction Design

I am learning to create conceptual music pieces/instruments using Ableton Live, Max msp, touchdesigner and more.

Intangible Interaction

I will be creating intangible projects using sensors.

I learned to creative coding using p5.js, ml5.js.

Intro to Fabrication

I created multiple projects using laser cutter, 3d-printer, miter saw, band saw, and other power tools.

Intro to Physical Computing

I built several smart projects using sensors, Arduino, and serial communication with p5.js.

Visual Language

I discovered the beauty of graphic design using Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and more.


I created animated pieces using After Effects, DragonFrame, Fuse, and more.

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