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Breach – ICM – Week 4

Assignment This week, your assignment is straightforward: make something with lots of repetition (more than you would want to hand-code), and use one or more for loops to make it simpler. For instance: you could take something you’ve already written where there was a lot of repetition in the code and re-write it using aContinue reading “Breach – ICM – Week 4”


Lab My original goal was to potentiometer and change the range of the brightness of an LED light. I soldered the potentiometer 10K and placed it in breadboard. I also wrote the code to change the brightness of the light when I turn the potentiometer.   However, it doesn’t seem to work. I even tookContinue reading “Observation+Lab-Week3”

Seasons of Life – ICM – Week 3

Assignment Try making a rollover, button, or slider from scratch. Compare your code to the examples on github. Later we’ll look at how this compare to interface elements we’ll get for free from the browser. Tie the above two together and have an interface element control the visual design or behavior of other elements inContinue reading “Seasons of Life – ICM – Week 3”

Geometric Earrings – Intro to Fab – Week 3

assignment Create something using the laser cutter.  I’m looking for something more than just a simple 2D cutout or etching. Presentation Inspirations I am a collector of interesting earrings. I always wanted to make earrings of my own and wear them. I did some market research for the laser-cut earrings online, especially on Etsy. ThereContinue reading “Geometric Earrings – Intro to Fab – Week 3”

Choker Switch – IPC – Week2

assignment Come up with a simple application for switches and LED circuits. Inspiration I wanted to create something that is wearable, tiny, and compact. Therefore, I tested it out on breadboard about the basic schematic to connect one yellow LED to one resistor and a coin-sized 3V battery. Process I made sure the circuit itselfContinue reading “Choker Switch – IPC – Week2”

Brush Holder – Intro to Fab – Week 2

ASSIGNMENT Make multiples of something, 5 or more.  The objects must be a multi-process piece, ie. I don’t want to see 5 things made solely on the laser cutter or 3D printers. Take note of your order of operations, tools, and techniques used.  If you used any type of jig or unique setup, please documentContinue reading “Brush Holder – Intro to Fab – Week 2”

Ocean Blue – ICM – Week 2

Assignment Create a sketch that includes (all of these): One element controlled by the mouse. One element that changes over time, independently of the mouse. One element that is different every time you run the sketch. Performance Ocean Blue is a sketch that allows users to draw by clicking the mouse. When the mouse isContinue reading “Ocean Blue – ICM – Week 2”

Flashlight/Candlelight – Intro to Fab – Week 1

assignment Build a flashlight using any tools or techniques you’d like.  I’m defining a flashlight as: portable creates light Brainstorming I played around with multiples ideas to make a flashlight since the requirements are simple: to be portable, and to have light. I thought of making a piece of jewelry such as a ring orContinue reading “Flashlight/Candlelight – Intro to Fab – Week 1”

Background, Interests, and Creations – ICM – Week 1

The Importance of Computation Through my undergraduate study, I mainly focused on marketing and communication arts (video production). However, I had the opportunity to play with coding in terms of Processing and Arduino to accomplish several projects with sensors. I have worked on a 2-week project where my breathing pattern is shown through the streamingContinue reading “Background, Interests, and Creations – ICM – Week 1”