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Nature and us – Process Update

Process Finish the web prototype – DONE Work on MAX/Msp for prototype – After final Connect with Kinect through web – DONE Connect with Kinect through MAX/Msp – AFTER final This post lays out the process, problems and solutions I encountered for the project. I decided to not use Max/MSP for the final and replaceContinue reading “Nature and us – Process Update”


Nature and us – installation plan

Goal To make an installation that touches you the deepest and purest emotion by letting the nature and you perform a symphony together. Why Nature has always been a part I want to explore. When I was little, I went to the park near our home with my grandma frequently. The wind blowing through theContinue reading “Nature and us – installation plan”

sound studio final project plan

Plan for my final project I wanna learn networking between at least two computers – real time music composition with interactive visuals Use software such as Max/MSP or ChucK or Tidal Waves I would also like to use my midi keyboard to create something poetic or use random objects as my controller for certain musicContinue reading “sound studio final project plan”

Computer generated music

I played with different music software to generate music through code. Here is the list of music created as experiments. CSound generating random score in js converting to .sco file through node in terminal using < and > Here is what it sounds like using CSound and basic random js file. RTCMix ChucK Note: playContinue reading “Computer generated music”

sound studio – playing in max/msp

I tried to download Max/msp from the IDM server but it keeps showing as below. So I gave up after 1.5 hours of struggling to download Max. So I downloaded from the class notes Luke created and played around in Max. Luckily, I have a 30 day free trial with my new account. I playedContinue reading “sound studio – playing in max/msp”