Develop your Sequencer Skills


Practices – Summary

  1. changed camera type – zoom and aperture for close ups
  2. overlapped animations
  3. used livelink to create more facial expressions – struggled a lot but succeeded in recording animations

Next Steps

  1. added music and sound effects
  2. used the visibility


I wanted to create the POV for my character but I started a new blueprint with the Tpose and a POV camera. Then I put that under my crouching animation in world outliner. It was so bad and scary yet funny.


Continuing to my Tuna World. I decided to incorporate the animations of the character in my sequencer and also play around with different types of lens to create more scenes.

I am thinking to add more bg music as well to make it as dramatic as possible.

I understand the importance of storytelling and I am trying to make it effective as possible by following the principle

  1. less is more
  2. scenes over words – if it is felt rather than said, it is more effective

Special thanks to Doug for lending me his iPhone XR. Finally I can work with ARKit and do some weird facial expressions for my character.

ARKit LiveLink Process

  1. open terminal/command prompt – type in

2. get your ipv4 address and type it in your LiveLink app in iPhone

3. Enable ARKit, ARKit Face Support, LiveLink in Unreal

4. Open Windows -> LiveLink, add your device [make sure only one project is using LiveLink]

5. Create animation blueprint on your animated skeleton

6. right click to add LiveLinkPose

7. Record the animation as assets.

Yet I did have problems recording animation as an asset for my character. When I finished recording and go back to the assets to play them back, they are idle.

importing avatar

  1. import the rigged avatar with no animations first – rig it in mixamo
  2. import the animation and select the skeleton

avatar materials

Here are notes to self.

If there are something weird from makehuman to unreal – select the right material and change the translucent to opaque for skin and other way around for eyelashes

I should try using take recorder – get the animation – livelink OR using the animation blueprint

screen capture from Kat’s lecture

To create animations of character moving in distance – just keyframe it.

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