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Dynamic Web Development – Week 1

I love fortune cookies. I often am amazed by the quote inside of the cookies and I want my website to have the similar surprise feeling for my audience. Therefore, I created graphics of fortune cookies and searched online of some fortune cookie quotes and made a website!

You can check the website here.

My github repo is here.

For the homework, I read through all the materials and played around with Javascript. It was quite different from p5.js but I am starting to apply it to my code. I played around with CSS but there are few things I need to update since I want the user to submit their own quote and it will be added to the database. So I would need to collect the data. Things I need to do to achieve that include:

  1. learn the PHP form
  2. Create a JSON file to collect all the data (I am not so sure about the format, but the randomizing array method that I am using right now is definitely not ideal)
  3. Make the textarea box bigger.
  4. Create a responsive website for mobile users
  5. Make sure the fortune cookie elements are placed at randomized locations everytime the website is refreshed.

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