Linux Host with Firewall & Firewall Log Analysis

Assignment: Set up a Linux host with firewall and do a firewall log analysis. Linux Host with Firewall I have practiced setting up the virtual host three times. First Attempt I created the droplet with assigned password which is super difficult for me to type in so I destroyed so. Second Attempt I followed throughContinue reading “Linux Host with Firewall & Firewall Log Analysis”

Out of Order

Assignment Re-watch a favorite movie to reference in the next few classes Read Jane Alison, “Beyond the Narrative Arc” Reading notes of “Beyond the Narrative Arc” I will upload notes soon. Snowpiercer Spoiler Alert: if you have not seen the movie, please do not read below. I do not wanna ruin your viewing experience. InContinue reading “Out of Order”

Escape Room – Narrative and Room Sketch

Assignments: Field Notes (Blog) on an escape room: Do an escape room (VIRTUALLY): Take note of the design of the room.  What are the rules of the room? How do different players interact with the room and each other? What does the room and its objects look like?  What are the different types of puzzles?Continue reading “Escape Room – Narrative and Room Sketch”

Product Design – Week 1

Assignment: In our first week, we were assigned teams to figure out one topic to work on for the topic, urban mobility. Our group has five people: Jake Sherwood, Lanni Zhou, Fenfen Chen, Tito(who later dropped out of the class), and me. We followed the design process as below. In order to go from ambiguityContinue reading “Product Design – Week 1”

Dynamic Web Development – Week 1

I love fortune cookies. I often am amazed by the quote inside of the cookies and I want my website to have the similar surprise feeling for my audience. Therefore, I created graphics of fortune cookies and searched online of some fortune cookie quotes and made a website! You can check the website here. MyContinue reading “Dynamic Web Development – Week 1”

Music Interaction Design – Week1

Group activity: design an interactive musical experience Assignments 1. Document your concept on a blog post containing: A brief description of the concept that includes what it does, who it is for, and where it lives (not more than a couple of sentences) A drawn sketch (or sketches) that indicates form, materials, scale, and interactionContinue reading “Music Interaction Design – Week1”

Video Sculpture – Week 1 – Light Assignment

Presentation A mason jar hanging from the ceiling with a red wire red light. When players engage with it, it blinks red light as it swings. Concept We had several ideas about our concept and then we narrowed down to community, play, and control. In this installation, the concept of the light is that peopleContinue reading “Video Sculpture – Week 1 – Light Assignment”

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