Music Interaction Design – Week1

Group activity: design an interactive musical experience


1. Document your concept on a blog post containing:

  • A brief description of the concept that includes what it does, who it is for, and where it lives (not more than a couple of sentences)
  • A drawn sketch (or sketches) that indicates form, materials, scale, and interaction
  • The song you started from
  • The oblique strategy you got

Submit your blog post link here.

2. Write a project prompt for yourself. You will use it to frame subsequent assignments, but it can evolve/change later. Submit it here.

In Class – Activity

Pass it on is an interactive music installation for the general public to play through their bodies. It is from the song Pass It On by Rotem Sivan Trio.

It lives in a dark room where each section of instrument shown above will be lit up with embedded LED screen. We also want to use projection mapping to create mesmerizing visuals. The height of the user will detects the tempo of the music. He/she can jump or squat to change the tempo. The presence of the body in front of each section will determine the emphasize of that instrument. The upper body movement can change melody. With Kinect detecting of the two arms, 180 degree is the fastest tempo while smaller angle means slower melody. Movement of knees can change the rhythm and time signature.

Final Project Prompt


I crave for a sense of community and I have benefited from being in a community, such as international student community, and other sublets of groups. I feel a sense of belongings and I want others to feel that strong connections as well.

The goal of the piece is to bridge the differences between people from different groups and initiate conversations between them.


I want to create a musical experience for people from different groups to interact with it. At the moment, I want to use sounds from mundane routines in my project.

A rough idea of how to make the experience interactive is to randomly assign tokens of different colors to people. So they have to find others with different tokens to play the game/instrument. The token will be in different shape and color. There will be red circle, blue square, yellow rectangle, and purple hexagon. I want to create a puzzle similar to the game connect 4 to enable them to put the pieces together to generate different combinations of music.


I really love the “the event of a thread” by Ann Hamilton. I love how people are in a sense united together and she created a utopia for people to relax, recharge, and socialize with others. I want to achieve the similar impact as her piece in my final project.

I am also inspired by the Weather project by Olafur Eliasson. The sense of warmth/home and belonging is what I want to achieve in my final project.

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