Assignment Based on the feedback on your poster, iterate on it. Create a brand for yourself including a logo, palette and typography. For the logo show your sketches and the process from ideation to completion. Document your brand in a personal style guide. Poster Redesign From the feedback from last class, I aligned the datesContinue reading “PERSONAL BRANDING – VISUAL LANGUAGE – WEEK12”

ITP Show Poster/Card – Visual Language – Week 11

Assignment Create a postcard for the ITP show.For next week please create a card/poster for the ITP show. The grounds rules are at the link below. Think hard about the story you are trying to tell about ITP/IMA. Make your card more than simply a statement of the details about the show. The slides fromContinue reading “ITP Show Poster/Card – Visual Language – Week 11”

Poster Evaluation – Visual Language – Week8

ASSIGNMENT Choose a design you like.  You can choose a book cover, poster, packaging or any form of graphic design. Post an image of the design to your blog and, in a series of graphic overlays, analyze its adherence to the principles of design. Identify the underlying system and the hierarchy of elements within thatContinue reading “Poster Evaluation – Visual Language – Week8”

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