Dance of the Rain

Presentation In this video, the Arduino is getting the weather data of NYC LGA for the year 2017. The representation of the light is mapped accordingly to the precipitation and rainy days data each month in 2017. In this video, you can see the brightness of the blue light is different according to the amountContinue reading “Dance of the Rain”


Assignment Based on the feedback on your poster, iterate on it. Create a brand for yourself including a logo, palette and typography. For the logo show your sketches and the process from ideation to completion. Document your brand in a personal style guide. Poster Redesign From the feedback from last class, I aligned the datesContinue reading “PERSONAL BRANDING – VISUAL LANGUAGE – WEEK12”

Redesign Plane Ticket + Words Animation – Visual Language – Week9

Assignment Redesign a airline boarding pass. Create 3 expressive words. An expressive word is one that manipulates the word’s letterforms to communicate the meaning of the word. Examples from class are here but your do not have to be animated. Presentation I love this week’s assignment. It really made me think creatively in terms ofContinue reading “Redesign Plane Ticket + Words Animation – Visual Language – Week9”

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