Out of Order

Assignment: We have Debbie Chachra of Olin college coming to speak this week. She’ll be talking about Ursula Franklin’s ideas.You are reading (PDF in class dropbox)  or listening to some Ursula Franklin. At minimum listen to the first lecture. You may want to keep going!Here are a couple things for you to watch in advance that Mia and Kio willContinue reading “Out of Order”

Product Design – Week 6 – Presentation at Frog design

We made it! We spent over 20 hours this week to finalize the design of the looks like and works like models for our watch band that warms you up during cold weather. We presented the product at Frog design. Here is our final presentation. It was such a rewarding journey for me. The wholeContinue reading “Product Design – Week 6 – Presentation at Frog design”

Background, Interests, and Creations – ICM – Week 1

The Importance of Computation Through my undergraduate study, I mainly focused on marketing and communication arts (video production). However, I had the opportunity to play with coding in terms of Processing and Arduino to accomplish several projects with sensors. I have worked on a 2-week project where my breathing pattern is shown through the streamingContinue reading “Background, Interests, and Creations – ICM – Week 1”

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