Authentic or Not – Pcomp – Final – Week 14

Things we accomplished: Since Shannel is gone this week for the wedding. I worked on coding on both p5 and Arduino and troubleshooted some sensor problems. She did help create designs for recipes and ingredients when she is away. The playtesting from last week was quite helpful. Here is things we decided to change: ChangedContinue reading “Authentic or Not – Pcomp – Final – Week 14”

Fusion or Not – update – Pcomp Week13

Things we have finished last week: Fabrication Arduino code and the circuit P5 sketch code – A bit of fine tuning needed to be done. Process to do projection but haven’t implemented yet. Fabrication We spent most of the time in fabrication. I originally wanted to make a box out of plywood using wood glue,Continue reading “Fusion or Not – update – Pcomp Week13”

Fusion or Not – Updates – IPC

We changed our plans a lot after the feedback. Observations from the user testing people picked up the bowl to dump the ingredients people overlooked the placement of the spoon people question about the issue of running out of cards from the slotting machine people wondered about how they will have their own recipe orContinue reading “Fusion or Not – Updates – IPC”

Final Project Updates – IPC – Week10

Assignment Playtest your project with your classmates. In class, you’ll explain to groups of classmates briefly what your project looks and sounds like and what the participants can do. Then you’ll act them to act as participants and to show and tell you what they do with the project. You don’t need to have a fullyContinue reading “Final Project Updates – IPC – Week10”

Final Project Concept – IPC – Week 10

Project Concept  Summary A physical interactive platform that allows you to learn traditional Chinese/ Indian cuisine through visual representation.  Details The physical interactive platform includes a big mixing bowl in the center with five ingredients bowls around, a spoon with an accelerator attached, and two buttons. Users are prompted to push the “START” button toContinue reading “Final Project Concept – IPC – Week 10”

Speedy Speaker ft. FSR & Lightbox – IPC – Week4

ASSIGNMENT Come up with a simple application using digital or analog input and digital output. While playing around the lab exercises, I combined both the analog input from FSR and a speaker to create a sound/speed controller for this week’s application. I created a part of the song inspired by the song Here Comes theContinue reading “Speedy Speaker ft. FSR & Lightbox – IPC – Week4”


Lab My original goal was to potentiometer and change the range of the brightness of an LED light. I soldered the potentiometer 10K and placed it in breadboard. I also wrote the code to change the brightness of the light when I turn the potentiometer.   However, it doesn’t seem to work. I even tookContinue reading “Observation+Lab-Week3”

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