ICM – Speech to Text and Color – Week13

Presentation Here is the video of the draft. Play here Code here Problems Save frame When saveFrame is called in draw, it crashes the sketch. And when I used the game phase to limit when the saveFrame is called, it still repeats when I call the function in draw. But it only calls once whenContinue reading “ICM – Speech to Text and Color – Week13”

ICM – Sound Visualization

Assignment Create a sketch that analyzes sound and translates it into something visual. Use live or recorded audio. Use color, video, images, pixels or whatever you fancy to represent the sound. Some ideas: imagine you are visualizing music for people who cannot hear. Can your visualization be as expressive as the music itself? Or maybeContinue reading “ICM – Sound Visualization”

Ocean Blue – ICM – Week 2

Assignment Create a sketch that includes (all of these): One element controlled by the mouse. One element that changes over time, independently of the mouse. One element that is different every time you run the sketch. Performance Ocean Blue is a sketch that allows users to draw by clicking the mouse. When the mouse isContinue reading “Ocean Blue – ICM – Week 2”

Background, Interests, and Creations – ICM – Week 1

The Importance of Computation Through my undergraduate study, I mainly focused on marketing and communication arts (video production). However, I had the opportunity to play with coding in terms of Processing and Arduino to accomplish several projects with sensors. I have worked on a 2-week project where my breathing pattern is shown through the streamingContinue reading “Background, Interests, and Creations – ICM – Week 1”

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