Moods Diary – Final Project

Concept A journal of my material and color journey on emotions. Demo Moods Journal Demo Video Play UI I created the UI interaction on Figma.  Elements This will be the study for materials and textures as a collection for my research on my phone. Mood/Material Diary for myself to keep track of. If I can make it publicContinue reading “Moods Diary – Final Project”

VP – following Todd’s tutorial

Things to download NDI Tools VLC NDI SDK for Unreal Download SDK for Unreal Look for the filepath as below: C:\Program Files\NewTek\NDI SDK for Unreal Engine\NDIExamples\Plugins Copy the file into a new Unreal project. resintalling NDI tools while checking off the VLC couldnt find vlc’s NDI audio and video output So when I search vlcContinue reading “VP – following Todd’s tutorial”

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