Character Introduction in Unreal

Demo: pov How to add the BP_POV to the associated animations? I want to combine the breathing idle animation with walking backwards animation together to show the camera movement from her POV fixed! Planning to create JAW style shot for the last scene – breathing heavily and scared – to be created Questions for officeContinue reading “Character Introduction in Unreal”


Assignment Develop your Sequencer Skills Demo Practices – Summary changed camera type – zoom and aperture for close ups overlapped animations used livelink to create more facial expressions – struggled a lot but succeeded in recording animations Next Steps added music and sound effects used the visibility Blooper I wanted to create the POV forContinue reading “Sequencer”

Face AR in Unreal

This week I learned how to use ARKit to act behind the character in unreal. Below shows the animations of blendshapes using FaceIt in Blender. Process Should have imported the skeleton not being rigged from makehuman. This image shows the rigged skeleton in blender. Hard to separate the jaw. Here are the processes of meContinue reading “Face AR in Unreal”

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