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Animation Final – Week6

With what we learned from class and Gabe’s tutorial videos, I created a dance floor with three characters from Mixamo using Unity, Vuforia Engine. Three characters: One difficulty I encounter is the 3d model file of the toilet. I tried to use other 3d files of bathroom, coca cola bottle, and more. However, those filesContinue reading “Animation Final – Week6”

Happy Scent – Animation Project – Week5

Through last week’s feedback, we adjusted a lot in terms of Niya’s expressions, scales and perspectives of the set and Niya. We also added several scenes to make the ending more positive rather than sad. Presentation Final video here. For this week, I did: rescaled the hospital and Niya to make sure it fits theContinue reading “Happy Scent – Animation Project – Week5”

Animation – Updates – Week11

For this week, Dina and I were struggling with the storyboard since there are too many elements to be involved. We decided to cut out the living room scene where she becomes sad when she hears about the presidential election from TV. Also, we created the character Niya in Fuse. We then exported from photoshopContinue reading “Animation – Updates – Week11”

Animation – week 10

Assignment Develop storyboard for AfterFX animation project due week 3 & 4 Create a short animation in After Effects that has a primary character and tells a quick story 1-3 minutes. Due week 5 Bring a 2d character to class 3 to animate in class.  Inspiration We were inspired by the YouTube animation Cream. ItContinue reading “Animation – week 10”

SALT – Stop-Motion – Animation -Week 1

ASSIGNMENT 1. Loop-D-Loop: Shoot a stop motion animation that tells a short looping story in 30 seconds or less. Be prepared to present in class 2.  2. Read Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud post a response to your blog before the next class. PRESENTATION PROCESS STORYBOARD We wanted to make the set simple while keepingContinue reading “SALT – Stop-Motion – Animation -Week 1”