Intangible Interaction – Week 5

I worked on the normal stepper motor with 5V and worked out the enclosure for the rack and pinion mechanism for the motor and will be moving towards to the tiny stepper motor and building the box next week. Struggles I was working with the square motor driver but since it has too many wiresContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Week 5”

Press for Love & Lab – IPC – Week 5

ASSIGNMENT Do any of the labs that were covered in previous weeks that you haven’t already done, and come up with a simple application using what you’ve learned from them. Presentation I created a small project using FSR and three yellow led lights. I wanted to use the brightness of lights to represent love and whenContinue reading “Press for Love & Lab – IPC – Week 5”

Moving Light – Fab – Week5

assignment Fabricate something using primarily two different materials.  Let’s say the project is roughly 40% one material, 40% the other.  The materials cannot be acrylic or plywood (unless you are gluing up your own plywood).  The work should be held together using fasteners of your choosing. Presentation Process Outline Miter saw and sanding machine for cutting ofContinue reading “Moving Light – Fab – Week5”

Geometric Drawing -ICM – Week5

Assignment The idea this week is to explore re-organizing your code. It is 100% legitimate to turn in a version of a previous assignment where nothing changes for the end user, but the code has been restructured. You may choose to reorganize someone else’s code——though you might want to make sure they’re okay with itContinue reading “Geometric Drawing -ICM – Week5”

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