Escape Room – Final Prototype

Room Prototype After chatting with Tito about the general of the design of the room. I created a prototype of the room as below. I will photoshop the key elements for the escape phase before next week so that it could be point-and-click game when three students reach to the escape phase. Puzzle PrototypeContinue reading “Escape Room – Final Prototype”

Escape Room – Building Puzzles for the Story

For this week, we had a meeting to dig through the story line and create puzzles that fit with the storyline and character even more. Here is the pathway created by our amazing Emma. For me, I created one math puzzle and one pattern recognition puzzle. Math Puzzle The math puzzle is for student 1Continue reading “Escape Room – Building Puzzles for the Story”

Intangible Interaction – Week 4 – Curious Box

Assignment Keep working on Curious Cube (Project #2): modify the design based on feedback if needed and work on the implementation. Concept – Concise People who are close to us hurt us the deepest. We carry the scar with us and build the wall for the next one. I wanted to create a cage forContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Week 4 – Curious Box”

Music Interaction Design – week 4

I went to Zerospace a couple of weeks ago and was quite inspired by the powerfulness of the threads hanging from the ceiling. I want to have four sections of the threads grouped together. Each section would determine different elements of the music: pitch/frequency tempo delay accent I want to incorporate sensors in my projectContinue reading “Music Interaction Design – week 4”

Lightbox – Fab – week4

aSSIGNMENT Build an enclosure for an electronics project using any tool(s) or technique(s) you like.  Make sure that you can get back inside to make repairs, change batteries, modify, etc.  The enclosure should have multiple components: buttons, switches, sliders, connectors, display lights, dials, etc. Presentation I created a lightbox that changes the range of colorContinue reading “Lightbox – Fab – week4”

Speedy Speaker ft. FSR & Lightbox – IPC – Week4

ASSIGNMENT Come up with a simple application using digital or analog input and digital output. While playing around the lab exercises, I combined both the analog input from FSR and a speaker to create a sound/speed controller for this week’s application. I created a part of the song inspired by the song Here Comes theContinue reading “Speedy Speaker ft. FSR & Lightbox – IPC – Week4”

Breach – ICM – Week 4

Assignment This week, your assignment is straightforward: make something with lots of repetition (more than you would want to hand-code), and use one or more for loops to make it simpler. For instance: you could take something you’ve already written where there was a lot of repetition in the code and re-write it using aContinue reading “Breach – ICM – Week 4”

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