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Toilet Paper Mania – Immersive VR Museum

Presentation Three words to describe this piece: reflections, behaviors, and pandemic  Concept What can we learn from our inner-self by reliving the panic/pandemic?  Project summary: A virtual experience that invites people to relive, rethink, and reflect their responses/ their change of behaviors towards the toilet paper mania during COVID-19.  Detailed description of the project: ThisContinue reading “Toilet Paper Mania – Immersive VR Museum”

Video Sculpture – Toilet Paper Prototype

Problem Statement How to make people aware of the danger of mob psychology through representing the toilet paper mania during COVID-19? I want people to remember how mob psychology can badly influence everybody globally during this pandemic. I want people to feel dissatisfied and intrigued when they interact with the project. Pitch A virtual museum ofContinue reading “Video Sculpture – Toilet Paper Prototype”

Video Sculpture – Double Date

Assignment: Create a portraiture video sculpture. Presentation Process Brainstorming – Consolidating the Concept “Double Date”  With constant access to the world in our pockets, are all dates double dates now? The idea is that we are constantly dealing with how to decide where to direct our attention and struggling to be present in the moment.Continue reading “Video Sculpture – Double Date”

Video Sculpture – All Connecting

Concept All Connecting is an interactive video sculpture that exposes the systems to the users when they make search request online in real-time. It visualizes the flow of packets transmitting between performer in the video and servers in real-time. This project is an reinterpretation for The Wave (1965) by Hans Haacke. Process Processing in Max Continue reading “Video Sculpture – All Connecting”

Video Sculpture – week 6 – Time-based media concept

Stefan, Wenjing and I worked in a team to focus on interpreting Hans Haacke’s piece The Wave. Process/Research We started off by the recent exhibition of his All Connected at the New Museum. It was mentioned that Haacke was inspired by the ‘System Esthetics’ by Jack Burnham that analyzed the influence of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’sContinue reading “Video Sculpture – week 6 – Time-based media concept”

VOLTA New York – 2020 – Video Sculpture

Assignment find out the emerging theme of the art fair analyze your three fav art work Theme The mediums of the art shown in the VOLTA New York are vastly different. The usage of materials and techniques in some work is very clever. It seems to me that the fair has a lot of workContinue reading “VOLTA New York – 2020 – Video Sculpture”

Video Sculpture – Week 1 – Light Assignment

Presentation A mason jar hanging from the ceiling with a red wire red light. When players engage with it, it blinks red light as it swings. Concept We had several ideas about our concept and then we narrowed down to community, play, and control. In this installation, the concept of the light is that peopleContinue reading “Video Sculpture – Week 1 – Light Assignment”