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The Making of The Coronavirus Song

Concept This was created 12 days ago when there were only a few cases in New York. People around me were talking about how this was like the flu and it was no big of a deal. However, I have been wearing masks cautiously since I know my family back in China has experienced theContinue reading “The Making of The Coronavirus Song”

Music Making – Session 3

Learning lots from Ableton. I finished learning the Ableton Live! I am so excited! I learned you can create your own wavetable with your audio recordings in Ableton! Mind-blowing! Automation and modulation are insane! They are what I want since I feel like I need some changes/variations in my music! I am learning Synths. FromContinue reading “Music Making – Session 3”

Music Making – Self-Studies – Sessions 1 & 2

I have been playing piano since 5 and had always improvised in terms of composing. However, I did not get professional music theory training and I would love to be a better composer. So over the weekend, I learned how to use Ableton Live professionally through Ableton’s learning website. I followed the tutorials until PelogContinue reading “Music Making – Self-Studies – Sessions 1 & 2”