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Dance of the Rain

Presentation In this video, the Arduino is getting the weather data of NYC LGA for the year 2017. The representation of the light is mapped accordingly to the precipitation and rainy days data each month in 2017. In this video, you can see the brightness of the blue light is different according to the amountContinue reading “Dance of the Rain”

The rain dance – Intangible Interaction

Arduino Code This sketch gets the historical weather data from, and parse the content into precipitation and rainy days, which are then mapped towards different rhythmic light on a LED strip. Here is mapping the data to the light – slow version. I set the delay value to be 100ms. Here is mapping theContinue reading “The rain dance – Intangible Interaction”

Intangible Interaction – Weather Project

Final Idea – This Time is for Real It is quite hard to think of something that I am really passionate about for this final project. For the last two weeks, I had some ideas which I noted down in my previous blogs. Intangible Interaction – Proposal for Final Project Intangible Interaction – Final ProjectContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Weather Project”

Intangible Interaction – Proposal for Final Project

I would like to focus on climate change for my final project. Concept We can see how cleared the sky is due to the decrease of CO2 emission during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is remarkable and scary to see the subtle differences in our climate. If we treat climate change as seriously as we doContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Proposal for Final Project”

Intangible Interaction – Final Project Ideas

COVID-19 Idea 1 20-second Educate children to wash hands for 20 seconds with soap. COVID-19 Idea 2 Help thy neighbour Notify the neighbourhood to volunteer to bring food delivery for the elderly through monitoring the fridge content for the elderly. Weather Project 1 What does weather mean to you? An interactive project where users getContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Final Project Ideas”

Intangible Interaction Virtual Museum Tour

Which exhibition did you see? How did you feel about the show? I saw the [Exhibition 2] “Seeing Machines”: A group show featuring two artists whose main tool is camera based interaction. What is your favorite work if you had? My favorite work is this. It involves sounds and images to make it more cohesiveContinue reading “Intangible Interaction Virtual Museum Tour”

Intangible Interaction – Midterm – Curious Box

Assignment – Implementation and play testing for your curious cube. Presentation A curious cube moves needles to the center when user approaches, and goes back to the original position when user leaves. Concept People who are close to us hurt us the deepest. We carry the scar with us and build the wall for theContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Midterm – Curious Box”

Intangible Interaction – Week 5

I worked on the normal stepper motor with 5V and worked out the enclosure for the rack and pinion mechanism for the motor and will be moving towards to the tiny stepper motor and building the box next week. Struggles I was working with the square motor driver but since it has too many wiresContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Week 5”

Intangible Interaction – Week 4 – Curious Box

Assignment Keep working on Curious Cube (Project #2): modify the design based on feedback if needed and work on the implementation. Concept – Concise People who are close to us hurt us the deepest. We carry the scar with us and build the wall for the next one. I wanted to create a cage forContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Week 4 – Curious Box”

Intangible Interaction – Week 3

In the curious cube assignment, I want to do either emotional related cube or a music instrument using the box. I have some concepts about inner feelings, social response towards greetings, and personal space. I would love to try new sensors and boards. I would love to try Teensy boards as well as Bluetooth moduleContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Week 3”