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Forest of Sounds Demo

Presentation Process The feedback from Yotam on Tuesday has been quite helpful. Understanding how to smooth the data of the x and y coordinate of the head position from the office hour with Yotam really makes the difference. I ran into a problem where the data from Kinect are too many that the clip isContinue reading “Forest of Sounds Demo”


I managed to create a max-for-live device from Kinect data. My next step would be sectioning the kinect data to choose the clips to loop. It has such a journey to learn Max and the Live Object Models. I am so happy that this is so close to my ultimate goal for my project. InContinue reading “MIxD_Updates”

MIxD – Personal Goals

Ideal goals Realistic goals Minimum goals(AKA:first steps) Music composition, production, sound design MC: nature sounds intertwined with melody Production:Four speakers installed in the room at each corner?Sound design:Create sense of space  MC: nature sounds intertwined with melody Production:Bluetooth speaker at home Sound design:Create sense of space  MC: nature sounds intertwined with melody Production:Bluetooth speaker at home Sound design:Create sense ofContinue reading “MIxD – Personal Goals”

MIxD – Prototype Update

Summary I am in the 90-day free trial of Ableton Suite and the Max for Live is quite powerful. I explored some patches that would be helpful for my project this week and succeeded in getting the MIDI signal from kinect sensor to Ableton! I am so happy! I will work on mapping different elementsContinue reading “MIxD – Prototype Update”

Forest of Sounds – Prototype – MIxD

Physical Prototype Materials: bendable wires and nylon threads. Music Idle state There will be song playing when there is no people interacting with the installation. This is my draft. This is the workflow in Ableton showcasing the idle state. The song would be like this: Active state One User When there is only one user,Continue reading “Forest of Sounds – Prototype – MIxD”

Music Interaction Design – week 4

I went to Zerospace a couple of weeks ago and was quite inspired by the powerfulness of the threads hanging from the ceiling. I want to have four sections of the threads grouped together. Each section would determine different elements of the music: pitch/frequency tempo delay accent I want to incorporate sensors in my projectContinue reading “Music Interaction Design – week 4”

Music Interaction Design – Week2

Assignments 1. Install Ableton Live Suite, familiarize yourself with it. 2. Put together an aural mood board for your prompt. Submit it here. 3. Refine your prompt. Who is it for? Are you a part of this group of people? Do you know people who are, and who could help you test your project? 4. MockContinue reading “Music Interaction Design – Week2”

Music Interaction Design – Week1

Group activity: design an interactive musical experience Assignments 1. Document your concept on a blog post containing: A brief description of the concept that includes what it does, who it is for, and where it lives (not more than a couple of sentences) A drawn sketch (or sketches) that indicates form, materials, scale, and interactionContinue reading “Music Interaction Design – Week1”