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What is a proxy server?

Assignment Pick at least one term that you learn in the course of your traces and research it. Provide a paragraph or two definition for the networks site glossary. Several terms there remain to be defined. Explain for a non-technical audience; in particular, explain how it might be part of their everyday life whether they knowContinue reading “What is a proxy server?”


Weather Band API

A team of three: Name, Cy and I worked together on creating and maintaining the weather band database from a weather station in East Village in NYC made by Yeseul. Name and Cy did most of the server side while I worked on the API demo and visualization for the client side. For more informationContinue reading “Weather Band API”

Environment Readings – Server and Client

Goal: Reading the environment sensor data of the noise level and soil moisture level for a plant. Sensors used WINGONEER 5PCS Water Level Sensor Liquid Water Droplet Depth Detection Sensor DEVMO 5PCS Microphone Sensor High Sensitivity Sound Detection Module Compatible with Arduino PIC AVR Process: getting sensor date from Arduino is working circuit soldering ArduinoContinue reading “Environment Readings – Server and Client”

Packet Analysis

Assignment Capture and analyze traffic on your home network while going about your usual network activities. Present your results in summary form, using graphical analysis where appropriate. How much of your network traffic is inbound? How much is outbound?  What portion of it is HTTP traffic? How many devices are active on your network? WhatContinue reading “Packet Analysis”


For this assignment, I searched for some websites I frequently visit: Google, Amazon, Baidu, b-ok, instagram, Netflix. Findings: Netflix, Amazon, and Instagram share similar route from Virginia Beach to New York and to Staatsburg. I do not understand why they will route to Staatsburg at all. Also, Netflix and Instagram takes a long time toContinue reading “traceroute”

Linux Host with Firewall & Firewall Log Analysis

Assignment: Set up a Linux host with firewall and do a firewall log analysis. Linux Host with Firewall I have practiced setting up the virtual host three times. First Attempt I created the droplet with assigned password which is super difficult for me to type in so I destroyed so. Second Attempt I followed throughContinue reading “Linux Host with Firewall & Firewall Log Analysis”