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Yiting Liu – Creative Technologist (NY)

Hi there!

Welcome! My name is Yiting. I am currently studying at the Interactive Telecommunications Program in NYU. I like physical computing, fabricating, music-making, and cooking. Storytelling is important to me and I am practicing to incorporate it into my concept and practices. My ideal position would be a creative technologist for a workplace where personal growth is encouraged and mentored.

Before ITP NYU, I was in my undergraduate program in the University of Wisconsin-Madison learning Marketing and Communication Arts (Radio, TV, Film).


Physical Computing

I am good with circuits and electronics. Oh, and I love soldering.


I love laser cutter! I am familiar with 3d printer and power tools!

Creative Coding

I am comfortable with JS, Html, and CSS.

Music Making

My pastime is making music. Find my portfolio on SoundCloud.


Creative Technologist

@ Authentic or Not

Dec. 2019

  • Built an interactive game to learn recipes visually.
  • Designed both physical and digital interface for smoother interaction in Arduino and p5.js.
  • Exhibited for ITP Winter Show 2019 & Liberty Science Center for EWeek 2020.
  • Attracted more than 3000 people with our game.

Production Director

@ Advertising Club, UW-Madison

Sep. 2019—May 2019

  • Produced club promotional video content that attracted 20% increase of member signups
  • Conducted & Retouched portraits and headshots for executive board members
  • Led the production team of five and assigned production projects
  • Assisted in producing video content and social media live stories for agencies

Marketing Communications Coordinator

@ CUNA: Credit Union National Association

Feb. 2019—May 2019

  • Achieved over 60% increase in sale through Facebook Campaign within 13 days
  • Oversaw art directions for blogs and social media ads
  • Brainstormed & Implemented ideas for social media ads and blog posts
  • Designed social media posts, coloring pages, and Facebook GIF cover photo for National Credit
  • Union Youth Month 2019 with a theme of “The future is yours… Picture it! Save for it! Share it!”
  • Customized promotional videos for seven credit unions nationally

Graphic Design Intern

@ University Housing Marketing Office, UW-Madison

2015 – Present

  • Implemented an international campaign that attracted 40% more residents in university housing
  • Cooperated with clients to produce over 150 designs for print and digital
  • Promoted media with innovative photography, website content, and corporate social media pages

Let’s make something together.

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