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Product Design – Week 2 -Synthesize and Define

Assignment: Find the opportunity area observation clusters themes insights opportunity statements priority opportunity and persona. Focus Area People who choose to walk for their commute.  Design Research We implemented contextual interviews following people from workplace to home or the other way around. We conducted four contextual interviews in total. Demographics:  Mid-20s 50% ITP students; 50%Continue reading “Product Design – Week 2 -Synthesize and Define”

Product Design – Week 1

Assignment: In our first week, we were assigned teams to figure out one topic to work on for the topic, urban mobility. Our group has five people: Jake Sherwood, Lanni Zhou, Fenfen Chen, Tito(who later dropped out of the class), and me. We followed the design process as below. In order to go from ambiguityContinue reading “Product Design – Week 1”

Product Design – Week 6 – Presentation at Frog design

We made it! We spent over 20 hours this week to finalize the design of the looks like and works like models for our watch band that warms you up during cold weather. We presented the product at Frog design. Here is our final presentation. It was such a rewarding journey for me. The wholeContinue reading “Product Design – Week 6 – Presentation at Frog design”

ITP Courses

Portfolio Highlights of my projects in ITP. Music Making The making of my music that you can listen to on SoundCloud Creative Cooking My meditation and creative outlet. 2020 Fall Understanding Network Node.js, Express, DigitalOceans, Server, Arduino, Wireshark, Packet Sniffing/Analysis Virtual Production Unreal Engine, Blender, MakeHumans, MotionBuilder, Max/Msp, TouchOSC, OSC, LiveLink Hand Held Responsive MobileContinue reading “ITP Courses”

Lemon Field, Fork Road, Lakeside Road

Practice of multi-user settings Under the multi-user editing, I added my display name and changed the color. For the UDP messaging, follow the template as below. Remember to add the server IP + port number 7000. To connecting to the virtual camera, follow this tutorial. Story line Story presentation can be found here. Tasks signupContinue reading “Lemon Field, Fork Road, Lakeside Road”


Yiting Liu – Creative Technologist (NY) Hi there! Welcome! My name is Yiting. I am currently studying at the Interactive Telecommunications Program in NYU. I like physical computing, fabricating, music-making, and cooking. Storytelling is important to me and I am practicing to incorporate it into my concept and practices. My ideal position would be aContinue reading “About”

MIxD – Personal Goals

Ideal goals Realistic goals Minimum goals(AKA:first steps) Music composition, production, sound design MC: nature sounds intertwined with melody Production:Four speakers installed in the room at each corner?Sound design:Create sense of space  MC: nature sounds intertwined with melody Production:Bluetooth speaker at home Sound design:Create sense of space  MC: nature sounds intertwined with melody Production:Bluetooth speaker at home Sound design:Create sense ofContinue reading “MIxD – Personal Goals”

Creative Cooking

One way to stay sane in the social distancing period for me is to cook. I used to always feel rushed when I am cooking since I have so much work to fulfill my 18 credits for the Interactive Telecommunications Program and I am also involved in three clubs at school, which almost took awayContinue reading “Creative Cooking”

Intangible Interaction – Midterm – Curious Box

Assignment – Implementation and play testing for your curious cube. Presentation A curious cube moves needles to the center when user approaches, and goes back to the original position when user leaves. Concept People who are close to us hurt us the deepest. We carry the scar with us and build the wall for theContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Midterm – Curious Box”