Moods Diary – Final Project

Concept A journal of my material and color journey on emotions. Demo Moods Journal Demo Video Play UI I created the UI interaction on Figma.  Elements This will be the study for materials and textures as a collection for my research on my phone. Mood/Material Diary for myself to keep track of. If I can make it publicContinue reading “Moods Diary – Final Project”

VP – following Todd’s tutorial

Things to download NDI Tools VLC NDI SDK for Unreal Download SDK for Unreal Look for the filepath as below: C:\Program Files\NewTek\NDI SDK for Unreal Engine\NDIExamples\Plugins Copy the file into a new Unreal project. resintalling NDI tools while checking off the VLC couldnt find vlc’s NDI audio and video output So when I search vlcContinue reading “VP – following Todd’s tutorial”

Legend of the White Snake

Play it first, read later. Task Consider the story itself, and the affordances the story has, the things you imagine off the top of your head that might be interesting about telling it for this class. We recommend finding a myth from any culture, as myths are made for retelling and are episodic, so youContinue reading “Legend of the White Snake”

Out of Order

Assignment: We have Debbie Chachra of Olin college coming to speak this week. She’ll be talking about Ursula Franklin’s ideas.You are reading (PDF in class dropbox)  or listening to some Ursula Franklin. At minimum listen to the first lecture. You may want to keep going!Here are a couple things for you to watch in advance that Mia and Kio willContinue reading “Out of Order”

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