What it takes to become a lemon zombie? Morph Target in UE and Shapekey in Blender

I am using TouchOSC app on my Andriod to control the flow of the change for the morph target on Carl character. I also use the max patch pasted below to append the “/lemonCarl” to UE.

Max Patch

 ----------begin_max5_patcher---------- 429.3ocyT98aBBCDG+YLw+GZ5yLkhfh608mwhYoB2l0.sjRwwhY+uu9Cv3ln Scyk8f1v0q226Su651gC7vKEMPEFcO5Qjm2VsEOqMiEuNCd3BZSZNsx5HlCu JVtF62tmBZTV6RQsBPiIiellARxNGXY1s0m4NxjcV40ELdNnrwLryZIUkthw e4IIjpboU3zoih8QgwjQA9njYl+CCGEfVrWnzRePrb1TuUBt.gw95enE1see 3.ypdw+GCdcVoNcA1F.kDDzK3y5maxo31ALYdhYY92xM43beCXtTx3p9HM9x IkDGafaxL2R32QZvMfFnD3Ynw4Pgf+.Ul2GZQWQQLwwDwV9Hjn+WUQcmakg6 bQJMeknRYZfC5cx85Y2UVIShuz5pyObNievSTV4La7EpqD0xztar1AOzdBlA UJFmpXB9dNYdVx30wueOa8hNK890jqKyOsdwe1IgT+9rs58mkAQGICNRImVV tAjUswvIttidsvdnDe22Lt6aWSHVBaXcGI1YhJ0MkJcGYszly3losCw3BgNE 30rt6AC9FosCMbZATURcfZGtFNP6vGfXhdIN -----------end_max5_patcher----------- 


Carl Avatar

Morph Target


tutorials are as below for Blender

also from previous post

using shapekey in Blender

I got this

Got Mary’s Carl avatar but it is rigged. In order to do the FaceIt, I would have to have the character without being rigged, learning from my previous experiment.

For Mary’s character, she does not have eyes for it so I was unable to do the FaceIt.

Found the eye balls and did the FaceIt following the tutorial. I can not believe it took a long time.

When importing, should check box:

  • Use T0 As Ref Pose
  • Import Morph Targets

In order to do the same thing with alpha, I need to create a dynamic material instance in blueprint.

So instead of this.

The right way to do so would be as below.

Physics Simulation

Talk to Youngkun of the physics simulation – Lemon

He shared the following tutorials

Office Hour Practice with Todd

Created the materials during OH

using lerp to connect textures or colors.

Convert those params so that they can be manipulated through OSC

Learn how to use touchOSC to control using your phone

I already have my OSC folder so the touchOSC is basically the last five minutes.

Problem with Source Control

Need to focus on the tutorial here.

When saving all the files, prompted to do “make checkout”, “make writable”, should choose make writable since checkout meanings locking.

Check out means locking the file so nobody else would have access to it. I had to do the clean up command following Todd’s example to remove the locked access.

Here is the log for my TortoiseSVN.

When click the refresh, I should have the map unlocked but I didn’t since I already checked out the files.

Here is the example of the locked files when I am creating the lemon Carl.

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