Lemon Field, Fork Road, Lakeside Road

Practice of multi-user settings

Under the multi-user editing, I added my display name and changed the color.

For the UDP messaging, follow the template as below. Remember to add the server IP + port number 7000.

To connecting to the virtual camera, follow this tutorial.

Story line

Story presentation can be found here.

Tasks signup on the Script breakdown spreadsheet

For the project, here is the total of tasks I need to do.

Assets searching

Getting lemon tree 3d asset

Here are a collection of assets I found. I ended up using the lemon tree indoor.

Blender modify and sculpting

I deleted the pot and sculpted the lemon tree

I thought of starting from scratch to make the lemon field with fork road and lakeside road. But it sees a bit overwhelming so I turned to existing assets. I owned the City Park environment. So I started modifying the place.

I deleted all the unnecessary part including bridges, roads, and pools. I was going to use the roads but they were all merged so I deleted them. But when I was about to make the roads, I realized that I had no clue. After several google searches, I then followed the tutorial to use “spine” to create fork roads.

I then imported the lemon tree into the file and used foliage to paint them over the place.

I also created the lakeside/oceanside to the right by using the existing water plane. I then also made sure the level of the right side is lower than the left side to the road so the water is visible.

If you are interested, my workflow of my experimenting is here in the 30-min YouTube video.

Next Steps:

I did not add the street sign yet since there is going to be sign to the right to Chicago and sign to the left to the lemon field. I will try to work on it on Monday since there are existing road signs in the City Park environment. If not, I can find some 3D asset.

If I have time, I would look into making the file smaller by deleting certain parts of the map since right now it is quite big and for 70% of the map is not necessary for my scene.

I followed the tutorial Kristian shared about the socket snapping and followed along.

But I encountered the problem where I can not find the mesh socket I created to attach the lemon to. I will go to office hour to figure that out.

Office Hour

Creating Lemon Head

  1. Add component Statis Mesh in the BP for the character
  2. Under Parent Socket, choose the one you created by following the tutorial
  3. transform, rotate accordingly to make sure the head is hidden by the lemon

How to convert material to material instance to save space?

Convert material to material instance. can not delete the material itself since it is the parent for the material instance. Should replace the materials for instance under Element 0 with the MI of lemon

Changing the opacity of the lemon to do the transition for Carl

  1. set the blend mode on the left masked
  2. right click – type dither
  3. connect it to opacity mask
  4. right click on ditherTemporalAA – promote to parameter
  5. see the next screenshot
  6. click on the Alpha Threshold
  7. set values respectively to Default value, Slider Min, Slider Max


using shapekey in Blender

tutorials are as below

To create a road sign

FInd the texture for the road sign

Photoshop and create the sign

reapply in unreal

having error saving the image/texture

maybe it has something to do with the file type?

When I woke up the next morning and started replacing the texture in the material instance with the updated design, it works!

I was having trouble migrating the map level so i imported the cityPark for my lemon field design.

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