Lemon Field, Fork Road, Lakeside Road

Practice of multi-user settings Under the multi-user editing, I added my display name and changed the color. For the UDP messaging, follow the template as below. Remember to add the server IP + port number 7000. To connecting to the virtual camera, follow this tutorial. Story line Story presentation can be found here. Tasks signupContinue reading “Lemon Field, Fork Road, Lakeside Road”

Nature and us – Process Update

Process Finish the web prototype – DONE Work on MAX/Msp for prototype – After final Connect with Kinect through web – DONE Connect with Kinect through MAX/Msp – AFTER final This post lays out the process, problems and solutions I encountered for the project. I decided to not use Max/MSP for the final and replaceContinue reading “Nature and us – Process Update”

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