OSC controls BP in Unreal

Originally my goal was to use OSC to do speech recognition to control my simple blueprint. However, I was so close to download the Sphinx and follow the tutorial.

I couldn’t find the speech recognition as I did for the OSC Receiver. But I did find some functions in the blueprint shown in the next image.

Still, following the old tutorial, he shows more blueprints but I still couldn’t know the workflow for it. I was searching online for tutorials for speech recognition yet lots of them are before 2018 so I was unsure about that.

Also, on second thought, it would be okay for me to write a node.js to analyze speech in OSC and send the speech recognition through there? I did some research about the Google Cloud Speech to Text API and there was a demo of people making it Max. But I still couldn’t figure out how to do so. Or should I use node.js and do it the p5 way using ml5.js?

Working Metallic and Y Rotation BP

I played with the blueprints after following Todd’s demo. I set the metallic property in the main material and also played around with the rotation for Y axis for a cube.

Here is the demo showing how I use Max/MSP to send OSC to Unreal.

You can copy and paste the max patch below.

 ----------begin_max5_patcher---------- 551.3oc0V01aaCBD9yNR4+fEe1KC7awc+SlllpH1zVprAK.24sp8eevgcR1p iqajak1WLgiCt64g64HOucS.5frmoQgeI7agAAOasD.1bVBFMDfZn8k0TM3H RWyqXJTzvZ7Jvp7viehr+n0Vpo7At39aUrRi+7iIo6vQg2D69FiceIo1gvuO tIQWCWTyLPbHmYU1YdgYM+WLmgjb2QMXz6n4msLeLQnSmdKUQaXFl5VlfdnF 7.Cq86sabi1gnEyBB1OrP9HdMrd.lnVEqkIpB+rRZnF1WmjmRlimH2P.FpHA nqBXR7UySSQIqNp0kzZVHdWHAisec+X2jHmLGxygBj3TnBgPvuBxy+HQ9c0R aXNl81zf2Xm6pgNU9cFRKN4JsezUfcvyv.EdYw9b2PF95t5iuLADEhNPE2+Z phwEuSpZnPpk+NHT3ByT0HYyJNfZij86gg3qifdGU8VpjVWyKmBXoyArryE8 DL9+AUeWUq1g5ZoU9+fTar0uX7TPe1Fdd8dRBzoijjsNWp9cip4hW7.GjCtE 9GPqkcpxQBaPDGdVZTwzFtfZ3RwYN45o475xz6hiW5RhW1e6jT4dM1wKeTIP xER.7Jj.t+BwBn7jUixIIuAHuFwirj3kNY7FJoossOwT5gc3CkUv9nDtEJh7 y4B+bubAoXOwG2Rl2DUYUhFqLrSAYHpOenEEpQZuSEc7w5JGXcgF5IHrOXna odXA8N1tw5ve.7jZDYK -----------end_max5_patcher----------- 

During office hour to install Sphinx, I also clicked the visual studio installer and followed the steps to check some boxes as below. Since I was unsure about how to deal with this step shown below.

From the office hour, it is clear that I would be better off working with Max in terms of speech detection than Sphinx since I need to control the interface from my end rather than the end user.

Todd mentioned about this tutorial he did for his VR class using OSC and Max to enable control over phones as a technical director for the VR installation. So cool!

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