The Pursuit of The Lemonade Recipe


  • Contribute to the Brainstorm and post your thought process on your blog.
    • Go “shopping” for reference material, assets packs, and tutorials you want to learn from for the contributions
    • Make a blog post explaining why you chose the items and how you think you want to use them

Brainstorming session

We did the game of A to C twice and gathered lots of words. Then we chose each from the four categories: Character, location, movement/emotion, and props.

For our group, we chose the four words: Neighbors, road trip, wave, lemonade


Two dudes who absolutely hate each other have been recently evicted from their trailer-park homes. In need of money, they hear of an ultra top-secret lemonade recipe worth millions of dollars. Putting their differences aside, they turn to the roads, only for their RV to be swept away by ocean waves. Was it worth it?

Art direction

what we did in class.

Personal Goal and Interest in the group project – cameraman, sound design, acting



  • Rundown houses
  • eviction notice
  • very old trailer, vintage designed, in a discarded place where no one visits now
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-30.png
  • trailer with graffiti on top
  • surrounding is very barren with a few dying plants
  • can use some of the elements from this
  • content in the trailer
    • ancient book fall off the bookshelf in trailer where they found the map to find lemonade recipe
    • wooden frame of notes to briefly explain the character of the uncle
    • discarded essentials
  • content in the trailer – contd.
    • hunting for the lemonade recipe needs some equipment to find potential enemies
  • rocky road
  • ocean
    • use the water effects in Unreal to generate ocean
  • landslide
  • ancient book – journal – where there are missing information – pages are torn
  • old maps
pirate map
source from Pinterest
The Lonely Mountain
from Pinterest
  • pyramid vibes

Potential music pack

  • road
source link here
  • lemonade fountain

color theme

general direction

  • yellow – for the lemonade, for the parking block, and for the metaphor of caution/danger.
  • brown – discarded elements and rundown houses, normal roads, mountains
  • green – very little green to give a sense of dry – increase more craving for water, therefore lemonade

experimenting with quixel mixer

I can design materials for future reference

Tutorials to follow

Precomputed Lighting Scenarios – multiple lighting setups for the same level using the same geometry.

Flip through pages in a book in UE4 – for the ancient journal

How To Get In And Out Of A Car – Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial

Flip Animation of Car Door will be useful to get in and out of the car as well

Hover Vehicle 2018 (using Blueprints) – Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial

Building map from real world – TerraForm Pro

Thrown Object Jumpscare | Book Thrown Off Bookshelf – Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial

Advanced Niagara Effects – Could be potential in one of the scenes where they are looking inside the trailer for the first time

Building a House using simple assets

Retexturing Megascans surfaces in Mixer – I can use this to create the inner textures of the trailer

Mixer Fundamentals 1: Position Gradient

Filming a Cyber Punk Car Scene | Unreal Engine 4.25

CHASE | Car Visualization | Unreal Engine UE4 | 4K – this is quite inspiring and it is quite well done in terms of the storytelling, cinematography, and sound design.

Some demo notes from the assigned readings/videos

  1. Explode is quite intuitive – selecting the initial explode and final explode destination. Unreal will do the smooth animation when you are playing in the viewport.
  2. variant manager is good to use to optimize VR

The link Todd shared was quite cool

You can generate 3D animation from 2D video.

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