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Nature and us – installation plan


To make an installation that touches you the deepest and purest emotion by letting the nature and you perform a symphony together.


Nature has always been a part I want to explore. When I was little, I went to the park near our home with my grandma frequently. The wind blowing through the willows, the birds bringing their music while flying, and the people chatting and laughing are so interesting to me. They are like a symphony. Yet, as I grow older, I spend less time in the park, or with the nature. I want to forever remember the memory I had when I was little, with my grandma, playing, and listening to the sounds.

That’s why I want to recreate that experience for me, for you, and for all of us who yearns for connections with people, nature, and within.


  1. Prototype
    1. Max/MSP to get API [field recordings, weather data]
    2. Max/MSP for Kinect Data
    3. Jitter Effect – Video Projection
    4. Placement of speakers or Microphones
    5. Also learn tone.js on the side to chop the recordings
  2. User Testing
    1. Installation in living room
    2. Having some of my friends over to experience
    3. Documentation
  3. Adding Features
    1. Bare minimum is to make everything work on a screen before doing video projection in 3 weeks
    2. Speaker placements for the physical installation
    3. Field projection – Maybe?


I am fascinated by the website that gathers field recordings from everywhere and have sent a request for their API since it is not public. Fingers crossed I can get that.

But for now, I will work on the Noise NYC open data for my prototype. Turns out it does not play sounds.

Creating my own database model by downloading some field recordings:

I need help to convert that into JSON and convert the corresponding audio in JSON and convert them back to audio to be played in web.

Playing around with sun position API.

I found two promising APIs.

First is and the one I am using right now is

I will use the sun_altitude and sun_distance to manipulate the recordings

By searching for Tone.js

There are some parts I need:

  • Spatialization
  • Transport Sync [link]
  • Pitchshift [link]
  • PingPongDelay[link] – use it between two clips

P5 sketch – Work in Progress

I also tried to use the local dev for my JS and API but still have problems

Here is the recording of me using Pitchshifter in Tone.js

For some reason, I could not get the distortion to work if I am using the pitchshifter.



I may still need to work with Max/MSP for the graphic manipulation and getting Kinect data.

I need to create a working prototype this weekend to make further adaptations. I experimented with Max/MSP but didn’t know what to do to parse the JSON file from the Astronomy API.

Blocking Out API_KEY intentionally

Here is a great tutorial I find with node js for MAX

I still have a lot of work to do to get the prototype working.


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