Character Introduction in Unreal



How to add the BP_POV to the associated animations?

I want to combine the breathing idle animation with walking backwards animation together to show the camera movement from her POV


Planning to create JAW style shot for the last scene – breathing heavily and scared – to be created

Questions for office hour – fixed

  1. How to reverse a shot in the final sequence?
  2. How to change the eye, eye lash material to make it less opaque?

create an instance of the eyes texture and change the scale and position until i can see the eyeballs

Then control the attributes of the x-pos, y-pos, and x-scale, and y-scale.

Another problem I encounter when rendering is the character from Investigating sequence is not showing in my final video. I do not know what really happened. Will deal with it this week.

My character is pretty with the natural eyelashes! ❤

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