Your Eye for A Prize – Version 2


Play here


Your eye for a prize. What is your view on getting the ads “designed” for you? How do you feel that your attentions are valued the most by companies? Do you call it exploitation or customization or other things? I made this with the questions in mind.


Changed the background to be the image assets rather than colors

Created popups – hidden when loaded. Will display after 4 seconds if one or more item is not tapped.


open graph protocol

chrome extension to check if the og is working

When I try to use the image I created within the assets folder of the repo, it won’t work even after I hosted on netlify.

After the office hour with Max, I realized I should write the full address for the png since I already have it in my asset folder.

So instead of ../assets/og_image.png

It needs to be

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