making a home screen


What would you choose to do towards information overload in your system? To continue losing yourself in the sea of information or take a step back to look within?

I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all kinds of notifications and I have been limiting my mobile screen time each day to find peace elsewhere. That’s why I wanted to make two home screens of extremes. One creates more buttons the longer you stay on the screen, and one does not have any buttons at all, just a simple black screen with two words.



  • learned grid and flex through the two practices mentioned by Max and they were quite helpful!
  • more buttons are generated over time through JS with the help of Max
  • Shows the time


  • how to satisfy all the mobile devices? When I try to add more buttons, some buttons are over the border of the device. How to optimize so?

Try the link here.

Published by Yiting Liu


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