A weird world in unreal


In class, we did an exercise from A to C, a brainstorming activity which goes as below:

Apple makes me think of Pear, which makes me think of Food.

In this case, Apple is A, Pear is B, and Food is C. We were given the A from Todd and then followed in an order to do a brainstorming activity.

After several exercises, we had two 2-sentence stories about Tuna.

I chose the first story:

Tuna lives in a flower right next to the curvy roads. In order to find happiness, she has to find her way back to the ocean.



World Building in Unreal


Yongkun mentioned in class of the course: Build a Detective’s Office Game Environment. I followed the tutorial and built a detective scene. I learned quite a lot in terms of the workflow of unreal engine and how to build the blocks for the world.

Here is the final result of my detective’s room.

I learned naming conversions in unreal, adding textures using the node system, adding collision to irregular shaped objects, adding square light for the TV screen, getting familiar with the project settings, playing around the lighting, and more.

World building

Pinterest mood board

Heightmap Building

In order to build up my unreal skills, I also followed the manual for unreal from the Wolrd of Level Design (WoLD). It was super helpful! I also learned to create the height map from photoshop and imported it to Unreal. It really wowed me how unreal can be so powerful and efficient in making the visuals happen.

Left is the photoshopped map. Right is the unreal imported height map.

Fortuitous Event – starter maps

If I didn’t click the starter map under Starter Content, I won’t know what I missed.

A tiny problem with the Play

I ran into a problem where I could no longer see my player moving. With the help of Todd, it turns out I need to just select the Viewport rather than Simulate (which checks the physics in the game rather than playing the game).

I had so much fun playing with the blueprint and lighting. I was trying to copy and paste the same heightmap but overlay the metal material and the sandstone material but I did not seem to find the way to do so. Given that metal reflects more of the light so it is more other-worldly, I am currently rested with the metal texture.

Problem with STAIRS

Tried two types of stairs- mesh and brush – Could not climb the stairs and arrive at the high point of my heightmap

Story World

So let’s look back the story:

Tuna lives in a flower right next to the curvy roads. In order to find happiness, she has to find her way back to the ocean.

Here is the final demo.

In this world:

  1. I used trees to replace the flower
  2. created the curvy road in photoshop and imported it into heightmap
  3. Added a couple of stones and applied them with different textures
  4. added blueprints: smoke, steam, and fire + audio
  5. included some lights to create a more dramatic effect
  6. Changed the light for the sky
  7. Added stair brush

Below are the process images.

Next Steps:

  1. make stairs so you can climb up
  2. Create underlying music for the world
  3. Figure out what is the different between the brush and mesh in Unreal
  4. Apply the blueprint more ideally and logically in the world – some of the bps are floating in the air
  5. Figure out how to create multiply effect between two heightmaps

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