For this assignment, I searched for some websites I frequently visit: Google, Amazon, Baidu, b-ok, instagram, Netflix.


Netflix, Amazon, and Instagram share similar route from Virginia Beach to New York and to Staatsburg. I do not understand why they will route to Staatsburg at all. Also, Netflix and Instagram takes a long time to show the full traceroute. Netflix had several time outs for my traceroute request, so does Instagram. They all have 22 timeouts, which are quite interesting to me

For Baidu, a Chinese search engine similar to Google. Its route is to Bethpage, Japan, Long Island, and New York. I am quite confused cuz I imagine Baidu would be routed from somewhere in China rather than in Japan.

For, an online ebook archive, its route goes through London, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, New York, and Long Island. It makes more sense to me since it does need several servers to keep the website up and avoid nefarious activities from hackers.






In the first try, I used whereas the second try, I used The results are different. In the first try, the map goes from New York to Japan. In the second try, the map is more interesting, going through California, New York, and five cities in China (Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Sanya).

map from second try


First try

Second try



It is still loading after 5 mins of wait. When I tried another time, it took me roughly 10 mins to load everything.


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