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The feedback from Yotam on Tuesday has been quite helpful. Understanding how to smooth the data of the x and y coordinate of the head position from the office hour with Yotam really makes the difference. I ran into a problem where the data from Kinect are too many that the clip is constantly being called but it is stuck at the first few seconds. In order to let it play, I used the to select the last 10 data and used zl median to choose the median. Then I used change to filter any repetitions. In this way, I got to have the clip playing through.

The subpatch sends out a bang every second and get the median of the last 10 data.

At first, my patches are quite messy since I feel like there are many repetitive patches. Therefore, I created subpatches to store those information and make them simplified as below.

The whole patch that determines each grid to play different clips.
Here is the max-for-live device that changes tempo, panning, and plays clips.

Connecting with Kinect and play with it at home

I struggled a bit with Kinect since it sometimes takes a long time to find the skeleton and it is confusing which section will initiate the clip.

Adjust and debug

I adjusted the threshold for z value from 0 to 1. So when the distance between the player and the kinect is more than 1m, the idle scene should be playing.

Moving Forward:

This is still work-in-progress. When I play around with the music, there are some coarse sounds coming from the clips. I fear it may be the similar issue of call fire for the z value. Since in my patch, I call fire when the z value is more than 1. Although I did create a subpatch to filter the repetitions, I still need to look deeper into it since it is making an unpleasant sound.


I now can understand the magic of Kinect, I was having the most fun playing with Kinect to make generative sounds. I would like to make some projects to use more parts of the skeleton to create a musical performance.

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