Golden Mushrooms – Snacks/Dinner

Do you ever feel that your stomach is not too empty but you just want to satisfy your taste buds? I feel this way constantly but I know I can’t over eat too much otherwise my stomach is gonna give up on me.

So I made this amazing dish that will satisfy my taste buds but also treat my stomach nicely since they are small portioned and not filling.


  • mushroom
  • one egg
  • flour
  • breadcrumbs
  • spices of your choosing, I used chilli powder, salt, black pepper, and garlic powder


  1. Slice the mushrooms
  2. Crack one egg into a bowl and stir
  3. Dip them into the egg mixture, then cover them with flour, then egg mixture, then breadcrumb pile
  4. Put enough oil to cover the pan
  5. Medium heat the pan and lay the mushroom on top
  6. Wait until golden brown on both sides.
  7. Pair them with vegetables


Published by Yiting Liu


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