Escape Room – Building Puzzles for the Story

For this week, we had a meeting to dig through the story line and create puzzles that fit with the storyline and character even more.

Here is the pathway created by our amazing Emma.

For me, I created one math puzzle and one pattern recognition puzzle.

Math Puzzle

The math puzzle is for student 1 to be familiar with his new job as a researcher for the professor.

When student 1 is in the new office space, he is organizing the documents left from his predecessor. Along the documents, he saw one piece of paper. On the paper, there are several notes with three different chemical components as below.

“The professor has been trying to add more carbons on the components. Now he is working on the one with the most carbons. “

The predecessor has written the chemical component wrong, could you help him to write it correctly?

Check out the 3d graph of the component here.

[gray balls = carbon, white balls= Hydrogen, red = oxygen, green=Fluorine, blue = nitrogen]

Citalopram (Compound)

Pattern Recognition Puzzle

The pattern recognition puzzle would be for student 3 when all of them gathered to solve the metapuzzle. This puzzle would be giving out one of the digits for the 4 digit password in order for them to escape the room. I am inspired by the reading this week on the case in escape room tech.

Student 3 will find a computer in the room. He will also discover a piece of post-it note near the computer. On the post-it note, it says “Motto: I Do ThINGs WhEn i aM ToLD Not To.”

On the computer screen, there will be a terminal where student 3 is prompted to type in. The prompt is “Follow what you see.” Once the student has typed in correctly, he will be given one of the digits for the metapuzzle.

There is a hint right next to the prompt: “up or low, is it your decision or mine?”

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