Escape Room – Week 2 – StoryLine and Puzzles

For the past week, we worked separated in two teams and we came up with two stories. This week, we thought of something together as a group and proceeded to polish our story and characters.

The game we are making is a 3-player game which will last around 15-30 minutes.


A dorm student who has discovered the evil side of the professor who is conducting illegal research on students through the professor’s notes safekept by student3. 

We have 3 students. Student 1 is the main player, he is curious about finding stuff. Student 2 functions as a bridge who has suspicions on the professor already. Student 3 is blindingly faithful to the professor because of a personal favor given by the professor in the past.

Flow of the storyline 

  1. After partial character briefings, getting to know your character & their motivations better through mini tasks 
    1. Mistrust between three students – final job as the research assistant for the professor 
    2. They are the replacement of the three researchers 
      1. Tasks: memory loss from other research participants, clues for them [prev researchers] – found out by the students 
    3. Be aware of the professor’s wrongdoing 
  2. Investigating / Arguing; ends with all information out in the open (more linear?)
    1. Should come to an conclusion 
    2. Students shut down the machine that builds the medication/item, which notifies the professor to shut down the building 
  3. Shutdown of the building – all characters try to escape the building together (more open?)
  4. Disclosure / Resolution / Escape
    1. Survival of the students
    2. Escape to inform the world
    3. Prevent the professor from keep doing what he’s doing (destroy property, shut down machine, lock in professor

We also mentioned about puzzles and types we will be doing for the story. We did write an outline for the first and last puzzle for all students accordingly to get a feel for it before working on the puzzle individually. For more detailed information, please go here.

I made several math puzzles for the storyline.

I did some research that showed antidepressant has a side effect of memory loss. This fits the storyline so I made the following puzzle. reference 

The following is the math puzzle which uses the medicine: Citalopram.

1: Math puzzles could be:

  • How many carbons does it have? 
    • Answer: 20
  • Write down the element:
    1. Answer: C20H21FN2O
  • How many N, O and F are in the compound? 
    • Answer: 2 1 1 – it could be the code for a lock

I also made simpler math puzzles


How to Fill Dispersal Cartridge with Solution | Greenhouse Drug Testing Lab Puzzle | Resident Evil 2

How To Solve The 6s Challenge

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