Product Design – Week 1

Assignment: In our first week, we were assigned teams to figure out one topic to work on for the topic, urban mobility. Our group has five people: Jake Sherwood, Lanni Zhou, Fenfen Chen, Tito(who later dropped out of the class), and me. We followed the design process as below. In order to go from ambiguityContinue reading “Product Design – Week 1”

Intangible Interaction – Midterm – Curious Box

Assignment – Implementation and play testing for your curious cube. Presentation A curious cube moves needles to the center when user approaches, and goes back to the original position when user leaves. Concept People who are close to us hurt us the deepest. We carry the scar with us and build the wall for theContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Midterm – Curious Box”

Video Sculpture – week 6 – Time-based media concept

Stefan, Wenjing and I worked in a team to focus on interpreting Hans Haacke’s piece The Wave. Process/Research We started off by the recent exhibition of his All Connected at the New Museum. It was mentioned that Haacke was inspired by the ‘System Esthetics’ by Jack Burnham that analyzed the influence of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’sContinue reading “Video Sculpture – week 6 – Time-based media concept”

Product Design – Week 6 – Presentation at Frog design

We made it! We spent over 20 hours this week to finalize the design of the looks like and works like models for our watch band that warms you up during cold weather. We presented the product at Frog design. Here is our final presentation. It was such a rewarding journey for me. The wholeContinue reading “Product Design – Week 6 – Presentation at Frog design”

VOLTA New York – 2020 – Video Sculpture

Assignment find out the emerging theme of the art fair analyze your three fav art work Theme The mediums of the art shown in the VOLTA New York are vastly different. The usage of materials and techniques in some work is very clever. It seems to me that the fair has a lot of workContinue reading “VOLTA New York – 2020 – Video Sculpture”

Intangible Interaction – Week 5

I worked on the normal stepper motor with 5V and worked out the enclosure for the rack and pinion mechanism for the motor and will be moving towards to the tiny stepper motor and building the box next week. Struggles I was working with the square motor driver but since it has too many wiresContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Week 5”

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