The Making of The Coronavirus Song


This was created 12 days ago when there were only a few cases in New York. People around me were talking about how this was like the flu and it was no big of a deal. However, I have been wearing masks cautiously since I know my family back in China has experienced the damages by the virus first hand.

Therefore, I wanted to create a song that has my mixed feelings of being scared of the virus since the future was unknown, and mocking how lightly some officials approached to the issue which now becomes a global pandemic.

You could consider this piece of music as a dark comedy piece exploring the relationship between the media and the public.



I gathered sounds of coughs, hand sanitizer machine, city sounds and more to create the beats for the piece.

Then, I selected the latest news online and sampled several phrases that were mentioned in these video clips. I then justapoxed these samples in my piece to make sure there is a sense of urgency and panic. I intentionally layered several samples on top of each other so that the audience can not listen to the words clearly.

Here is my workflow in Ableton Live.

Here are the sources of sounds I used.

Please let me know your thoughts of this piece. Feedbacks appreciated!

Now New York is in lockdown and I have been staying home while taking online classes for two weeks. I am glad the officials are taking things seriously now and all efforts are devoted to alleviate the spread of the virus. I care for all my friends, families and hope them the best to stay sane and healthy.

Published by Yiting Liu


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