Intangible Interaction Virtual Museum Tour

Which exhibition did you see? How did you feel about the show?

I saw the [Exhibition 2] “Seeing Machines”: A group show featuring two artists whose main tool is camera based interaction.

What is your favorite work if you had?

My favorite work is this. It involves sounds and images to make it more cohesive in a way. I also like the Reface project by Golan Levin, it is playful and it is not too intrusive for people.

What did you like about the piece?

it is interactive to all ages of people 

it provides different styles to suit a wide range of audience 

How is intangible interaction used in the piece?

The intangible interaction is mostly camera tracking – mostly using Kinect .

If you were the artist, what would you have done differently?

They are quite playful however, some of them are not very conceptual to me. It engages people but just based on camera, if i want to make it more interactive and immersive, i would add another layer of sensation to it. 

For instance, if i am showing the hag-seed / word suit, I would add sounds  of words pressing again each other or book pages flipping or having the smell of the books filled in the room. 

I feel like I want more out of the camera tracking interaction. If I were the audience, i felt like just seeing myself in another form is not enough. 

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