Creative Cooking

One way to stay sane in the social distancing period for me is to cook. I used to always feel rushed when I am cooking since I have so much work to fulfill my 18 credits for the Interactive Telecommunications Program and I am also involved in three clubs at school, which almost took away all my time. So normally, I would spend 3 hours cooking food that may last for two or three days.

With the social distancing, I have more time to cook since I do not need to commute to school which normally takes away 1.5 hours of my time each day. I love cooking. I want to make the most of the time. Therefore, I started to look for recipe books to make my day filled with delicious food.

Cooking is my way of loving myself, caring for myself.

I find when I eat well, I am more productive the whole day. Also, when I am taking a break, I would think of what food to make for the next meal. Cooking is something to look forward to each day especially during this period of time.

So I am planning to create this as my way of sharing recipes that are so simple to make, yet, it will make your day just as it does mine!

If you are interested, you can follow my Instagram where I will be posting my food daily.

Recipe Collections

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