Creative Cooking

One way to stay sane in the social distancing period for me is to cook. I used to always feel rushed when I am cooking since I have so much work to fulfill my 18 credits for the Interactive Telecommunications Program and I am also involved in three clubs at school, which almost took awayContinue reading “Creative Cooking”

The Making of The Coronavirus Song

Concept This was created 12 days ago when there were only a few cases in New York. People around me were talking about how this was like the flu and it was no big of a deal. However, I have been wearing masks cautiously since I know my family back in China has experienced theContinue reading “The Making of The Coronavirus Song”

Intangible Interaction Virtual Museum Tour

Which exhibition did you see? How did you feel about the show? I saw the [Exhibition 2] “Seeing Machines”: A group show featuring two artists whose main tool is camera based interaction. What is your favorite work if you had? My favorite work is this. It involves sounds and images to make it more cohesiveContinue reading “Intangible Interaction Virtual Museum Tour”

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