Product Design – Week 2 -Synthesize and Define


Find the opportunity area

  • observation clusters
  • themes
  • insights
  • opportunity statements
  • priority opportunity

and persona.

Focus Area

People who choose to walk for their commute. 

Design Research

We implemented contextual interviews following people from workplace to home or the other way around. We conducted four contextual interviews in total.



  • 50% ITP students; 50% non-ITP students
  • 50% working; 50% non-working 
  • 25% male, 75% female


  • People don’t enjoy walking in silence because they always listen to music 
  • Weather plays a role in how the commute feels, because they enjoy walking in better weather. 
  • People are not concerned by personal safety because they don’t carry safety devices. 
  • Walkers feel unsafe because other modes of transportation don’t follow the rules. 
We are figuring out what themes should our findings go.
Jake is lining up the post-its.

Opportunity Areas 

  • There is an opportunity to provide pedestrians with an enjoyable way to walk even in bad weather. [we chose to focus on this one]
  • There is an opportunity to provide pedestrians with a more enjoyable silent walk.
  • There is an opportunity to provide pedestrians with a better understanding of the necessity of personal safety. 
  • There is an opportunity to keep pedestrians safe around other modes of transportation.
We came up with our opportunity area by dot-voting.


We build a persona based on people who live within close distance between their work and home.

  • Name: Hugo 
  • Age: 29
  • Occupation:Marketing analyst
  • Location: NYC, NY
  • Archetype: hero

Speed walker

Hugo is a daily walker.  Conveniently living within walking distance to his office and many shops and restaurants.

Walking everyday in all seasons and even taking the long way at times.  He likes to get those few extra steps. He considers himself a “speed” walker, enjoying the act of walking, being outside, and getting a little exercise in.

He usually leaves 25 – 30 minutes before work even though he lives 15 minutes away.  But he really dislikes walking in rain or bad weather.   

He typically never leaves home without 3 things:  coffee, headphones, and an umbrella.

An archetype: hero,  Hugo is always trying to help out wherever needed.


It is so fun working with my friends Jake, Fenfen, and Lanni! I love them!

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