Product Design – Week 1

Assignment: In our first week, we were assigned teams to figure out one topic to work on for the topic, urban mobility.

Our group has five people: Jake Sherwood, Lanni Zhou, Fenfen Chen, Tito(who later dropped out of the class), and me.

We followed the design process as below.

In order to go from ambiguity to clarity, for this week, we did the following:

  • activate our creativity
    • provocations
  • develop empathy for our users
    • interviews/contextual interviews
  • externalize our research
    • organizing our findings through interview insights, opportunities, and insights.


  • Focus area: Personal Safety – Safety bubble
  • Boldest provocation: skateboard rocketship
  • Best Fresh Idea: aWhere – Personal safety alert system

Interesting Observations

  • 1) 50% of interviewees have not felt unsafe
  • 2) Interviewees more likely to help the elderly
  • 3) 56% of interviewees are ok with CCT
  • Surveillance Interview group demographics:
    • (25% male, 75% female)
    • (50% ITP students, 50% other)

Secondary Research

link here


Contextual Interview

Intercept Interview

Categorizing the findings

Interested? Check our presentation here.

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